Marginal Notes
A performance lecture by Fay Nicolson
and an Arnold Bennett tribute by Peter Robson
Fay Nicolson, Untitled (form series 'Marginal Notes'), 2012
Fay Nicolson, Untitled (form series 'Marginal Notes'), 2012

To accompany Things That Have Interested Me, waterside contemporary is pleased to present Marginal Notes: re search, and an Arnold Bennett tribute by Peter Robson.


She tries to think. What was the rest of that quote? It would make perfect sense right now; connect things together; forge some narrative out of this collection; add some depth to this horizontalism, this scanning.

Marginal Notes: re search is part of an on-going series of performance lectures by Fay Nicolson. Developed with a conscious interplay between form and content, the lectures mimic the tone and conventions of academic, corporate and artistic presentations. Between communicative act and reflective practice, each episode charts and tests its own narrative limits or logical schema.
For Things That Have Interested Me, the artist has developed a new performance that responds to Arnold Bennett’s and the exhibition’s own themes and scope.

Peter Robson, MLitt, will deliver a tribute to Arnold Bennett and explore the relationship between Bennett's work, the arts, and the exhibition.

Friday, 22 June 2012, 7pm

re search will be performed by Rose O’Gallivan, Fay Nicolson and Roberta Vaz.
The exhibition is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
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